9. desember 2012

Fingerbøll-hus / Thimble case :-)

Medlemsmøte i lokal-laget, vi fikk mønster og sy-veiledning til en av de mange tingene jeg ikke visste at jeg trengte – fingerbøll-hus Smile


Søt, ikke sant?


Og helt nødvendig…


Sy videre!

Stay quilting!

5. desember 2012


Nå har jeg meldt meg på årsmøtet til NQF i Sarpsborg til våren - har du?

Sy videre!

Stay quilting!

4. november 2012

Jeg er her - Still here!

Livet har tatt noen krappe svinger i det siste, men jeg kommer sterkt tilbake!

Life has taken a few sharp turns lately, but I'll be back!

Sy videre!

Stay quilting!

22. august 2012

Lite prosjekt av hurtigtypen :-) - Project, the small and fast kind...

Buggy Barn teknikk, lett modifisert av meg selv...
Buggy Barn pattern, slightly modified by yours truly...

Sy videre!
Stay quilting!

23. juni 2012

Give-away - go have a look-see!

Check this out: Celebrate Hand Quilting is having a great give-away! Join in!

Stay quilting :-)

2. juni 2012

Quilting Life is Beautiful

I had planned to not start quilting until fall, but couldn't help myself...

Thank you Laila for the excellent meander basting - it works great!

27. april 2012

Nearly Insane update

Have been a busy bee lately. Now in the middle of making NI#39, wanted to show you a few pics:
And one of the project tray :-)
Stay quilting!

25. april 2012

Life is beautiful

Top for Life is Beautiful quilt is now in the very capable hands of Laila for machine basting! Excited!

29. januar 2012

Current project

...or more accurately: one of them. Quilting on my Christmas quilt - and loving it!

I am also stitching more Nearly Insane blocks, loving that too. Will show photos - eventually...

Stay quilting!

28. januar 2012

My computer went black

...and I have not yet been able to rescue my photos that were on it. Have to try to see this as a reminder to keep a backup.